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Each piece is unique! hand carved! A special work of art! Made in the Alps of Europe!

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  • Customer ★★★★★ (DE)

    Our limited " Ozzi" is a real eye-catcher, thank you very much for the fast delivery 🎔. LG from Dresden

    upon request 
  • Customer ★★★★★ (CH)

    Grüezi, many thanks for the good communication. We placed the Seppl in the hallway and it looks fantastic. LG from Bern

  • Customer ★★★★★ (DE)

    Sandro arrived safe and sound . He has found his place in the stable. I'm sure he'll settle in quickly! With a friendly Määähhh GS

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  • Tierhocker - Barhocker - Hocker für Erwachsene - Stall in Deutschland

    Customer ★★★★★ (DE)

    Lovely to look at - I always get in a good mood when I see them. The Bua is regularly hairstyled by my family :) Many thanks and best regards

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  • Customer ★★★★★ (Dubai)

    Wow. We are excited. Our new sheep stool looks at the Burj Khalifa every day. Lovely wishes

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  • Customer ★★★★★ (DE)

    Many thanks for the new easy-care Bello 🎔. LG from Berlin

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  • Customer ★★★★★ (AT)

    Our booth was a customer magnet with the stools. TIP TOP THANK YOU

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  • Customer ★★★★ (CH)

    Grüzi from Switzerland , my wife is thrilled and loves her new Schofln. Thanks very much

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  • Customer ★★★★ (FL)

    My sheep have arrived safely . We gladly accepted the 10-day delivery time. You are beautiful, thank you and best regards BL

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  • Customer ★★★★ (AT)

    let's start the fun in the hut... to schian daunk

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  • Customer ★★★★★ (AT)

    My cat Simba loves the new cattle ! Thanks

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  • Customer ★★★★★ (HU)

    Fantastically beautiful. An extraordinary eye-catcher for our bar . Gladly again.

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  • Customer ★★★★★ (AT)

    The wine group is enthusiastic . Thank you for the reliable delivery . Greetings AK

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  • Customer ★★★★★ (LUX)

    Wonderful our new resident ! Our grandchildren fell in love right away. Thanks very much. LG SU

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Short video tour with explanation

📦 worldwide sheeping ✈

Handworkeach piece is unique.

We ship your ordered products within 10-12 days worldwide.

FAQ ↓Questions and Answers↓

[Shipping costs] travel costs

EU>€45.00 EUR

AT> €45.00 EUR

EN> € 45.00 EUR

FR > € 45.00 EUR

Switzerland>CHF 75.00

Dubai>AED 390.00

Luxembourg>€50.00 EUR

Australia > $270.00AUD

United Kingdom>£63.00 GBP

United States>$100.00 USD

Hong Kong>HK$1 070.00HKD

Israel>₪300.00 ILS

Japan>¥17 700 JPY

Canada>$140.00 CAD


New Zealand>$280.00 NZD

Singapore>$180.00 SGD

South Korea>₩ 180 000 KRW

United States>$100.00 USD

[Payment methods] Feeding methods

  • PayPal
  • Mastercard
  • Visa card
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

[care] cuddles

  • Do not use chemicals or cleaning liquids if the fur is dirty.

  • Let it dry and then get the dirt out with a standard hairbrush .

  • With colored models, please make sure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight (UV light).

[Sizes of all models] images

All sizes
Seat heights & dimensions at a glance

Dimensions Schweindl sheep stool

[Crafting and Story] Mom + Dad

The idea behind the "sheep stools" came about in a group of males in a restaurant about 7 years ago.

Each stool is made by hand in our workshop. Made from local wood and carefully tanned skins with attention to detail. Craftsmanship, local tradition and passion create the noble piece. Horns made of larch and local wood and a small hand-forged brass bell complete the gem.

Why is the price fair?

in about 6-8 hours of manual work, your personal unique piece is created!

A tailored fur cover for a perfect fit.

Manufacturing and History

The wooden surface is artistically glazed, stained and branded.

Manufacturing and History

The stool legs are expertly finished.

 Manufacturing and History

The real fur is invisibly attached to the stool in a clever way.

Manufacturing and History

Delicate lines are characterized by targeted firing.

Manufacturing and History

The art of carving horns completes the unique piece.

Manufacturing and History

Our online store was founded with a vision: to create high quality and unique pieces of furniture that will add a touch of charm and coziness to your home.

Our team consists of passionate craftsmen who have specialized in the processing of natural materials. We only use real skins from sheep that live on environmentally friendly pastures and are kept under animal-friendly conditions. We process the finest raw materials, taken from nature in an ethical and sustainable manner. Each animal stool is made by hand and is unique.

Our stools for children and adults are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely versatile. Whether as a seat, side table or footstool - our sheep stool is the perfect accessory for every room.

We offer a wide range of colors and sizes to ensure every customer finds the perfect piece for their living space.

We attach great importance to customer satisfaction and quality and are proud that our sheep stools achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

We want you to feel completely comfortable when you buy a sheep stool from Schafhocker.com.

We guarantee you reliable delivery, despite the fact that each product is made individually and by hand, and secure payment processing.

Susi takes care of your concerns, inquiries, shipping, bulk orders, inquiries from corporate customers internationally and their payment modalities.

Susi Schoenherr



Manufacturing and History