The story behind!

The idea behind the “sheep stools” came about in a group of men in a pub about 7 years ago.

Each stool is made by hand in our workshops. Made from local wood and gently tanned skins with attention to detail. Craftsmanship, local tradition and passion create the noble piece. Horns made of larch and local wood and a small hand-forged brass bell completes the magnificent piece. 

Your personal unique piece will be created in approx. 6-8 hours of handwork! 

Herstellung und Geschichte

A tailored fur cover for a perfect fit.

Herstellung und Geschichte

The wooden surface is artistically glazed, stained and branded. 

Herstellung und Geschichte

The stool legs are professionally processed.

Herstellung und Geschichte

The real fur is cleverly and invisibly attached to the stool.

Herstellung und Geschichte

Delicate lines emerge through targeted burning.

Herstellung und Geschichte

The art of carving horns completes the unique piece.


Our online shop was founded with a vision: to create high-quality and unique pieces of furniture that will add a touch of charm and coziness to your home.

Our team consists of passionate craftsmen who specialize in the processing of natural materials. We only use real fur from sheep that live on environmentally friendly pastures and are kept under animal-friendly conditions. We process the finest raw materials, ethically sourced from nature and sustainably sourced. Each animal stool is made by hand and is unique.

Our stools for children and adults are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely versatile. Whether as a seat, side table or footstool - our sheep stool is the perfect accessory for any room.

We offer a wide range of colors and sizes to ensure every customer can find the perfect piece for their living space.

We place great value on customer satisfaction and quality and are proud that our sheep stools achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

We want you to feel completely comfortable when purchasing a sheep stool from

We guarantee you reliable delivery despite the fact that each product is made individually and by hand, as well as secure payment processing.

Susi takes care of your concerns, inquiries, shipping, large orders, inquiries from international corporate customers and their payment modalities.

Susi Schönherr


         Herstellung und Geschichte